About Us

Spark Packaging is the ultimate solution to all your converting, printing, & packaging business’s recruitment woes. We utilize state-of the art recruitment and sourcing technology which allows us to deliver and execute to provide quick candidate suggestions to speed up hiring, so work does not suffer or pile-up, resulting in missed deadlines and a negative candidate experience.

Our team also offers premium RPS service that binds candidates, clients, partners, and processes into a seamless recruitment model. We believe our understanding of the industry, businesses, and individuals working within the industry enables us to facilitate the perfect match between all parties.

Spark Packaging has been transforming lives by providing ultimate recruitment and staffing solutions. Connect with us to maximize successful placement and retention in your organization today!

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Our Mission

Our mission is to serve others always by developing leaders in the Converting, Printing, & Packaging industry while ensuring our clients’ long-term success.

We at Spark Packaging don’t believe the sky is the limit. We cross all bounds and believe there is nothing that is beyond the capacity of achieving! This is why we stay resolute in catering to our clients’ quality customer service that goes beyond their expectations every time. We ensure that whatever you want to obtain is in the palm of your hands when seeking our aid.

This is the Spark way. We deliver to every client with absolute dedication, perseverance, and integrity.

Our Core Values

Serve Others Always

We put other’s needs and requirements over ours. That’s why our team is available 24/7 to cater to all your queries and issues and provide relevant solutions at the earliest.

Own Every Outcome

Our team never accuses anybody else of the mistakes or the good work we do. We firmly believe in owning every outcome that reaches the client’s disposal.

Do The Right Thing

The root of our organization stems from making the right decisions with the utmost integrity and respect for the people around us, even when no one is looking. You can never go wrong doing the right thing!

Execution Is Non-Negotiable

Executing the right things at the right time is essential. If we have complied on doing something, we make sure that is completed and delivered on time.

Be Humble, Crave Improvement

If you aren’t learning, you aren’t leading. Regardless of the amount of experience you gain, self-development should never have a cap. Every day gives you the opportunity to be not only a student but also a teacher. Embrace development and do it often. Find value in people, regardless of background or skill set. If you open your mind, you will unlock potential you may have never imagined.

Our Recruiting and Selection Process

Step 1

Client Analysis

To help bridge your talent gap, we invest time to understand not only the hiring needs, but also your unique culture to best match our applicants to your needs

Step 2


We have specialized recruiting teams that focus on specific areas of focus. Our recruiters and leaders leverage all resources necessary to help identify top applicants

Step 3

Screening & Selection

We focus on both situation and behavioral based practices to define talent. Once a match is identified, we verify employment reference and offer a variety of background checks, drug screen every applicant and process onboarding electronically to create a great candidate experience

Step 4

Talent Management

Once placed, we keep in close contact with each team member we hire. Our goal is to be an extension of your company’s leadership and help provide solutions before challenges arise