Cannabis Packaging


The Cannabis industry and companies in the Cannabis Packaging space are on fire, and demand is higher than ever and it looks like that isn’t trending down anytime soon.  Due to the rapid growth of the cannabis sector, companies are now faced with some unique recruitment and staffing challenges.

Spark Packaging offers recruitment and staffing solutions that provide cannabis and cannabis packaging companies with the talent that is needed for their organization to be successful.

Whether your team is looking for Pre-Roll Technicians, Trimmers, to Packaging Engineers, Engineering and Maintenance Professionals,  Production Manager’s to C-Suite professionals, Spark Packaging wants to help keep your facility staffed with top talent.

We provide Temporary Staffing, Direct Hire and other customizable recruitment and staffing solutions such as our Recruitment Partner Services that ensures whatever the staffing need is for your company that we have a solution that can be provided.

How Our Staffing Solutions Benefit Your Company

  • Reduced time spent on recruiting and staffing efforts
  • Increased productivity with qualified staff
  • Reduced costs with our Recruitment Partner Services model
  • Greater flexibility to meet your business needs

If you are having any recruitment and staffing challenges for your Cannabis or Cannabis Packaging business, from hourly labor to salaried individuals, reach out to us here and one of our team members will be in contact within 12 hours.