Hiring temporary or direct hire workers can be a great way to address seasonal staffing needs. However, finding the right candidate can be time-consuming and expensive because of all the back-and-forth involved in the traditional process.  

Spark Packaging provides recruitment & staffing solutions that help label manufacturing companies find top-quality candidates. Our service includes direct hire and temporary staffing services across all job categories, including production, maintenance, engineering, IT support, as well as administrative positions such as project managers & accountants. With us, you get access to qualified applicants quickly so you can fill your open positions sooner!

4 Recruiting & Staffing Challenges Spark Packaging Can Help You Overcome

  • If you have a hard time filling job positions.
  • If you can’t find the right people.
  • If you are constantly losing good people – low retention rates.
  • If you lack time to go through the recruiting & staffing process yourself and more.

So, why wait? Contact Spark Packaging – we connect great candidates with great opportunities!