The 5 Hottest Jobs In The Packaging Industry

The 5 Hottest Jobs In The Packaging Industry

Posted on July 23, 2021

The packaging industry is a thriving and growing sector of the economy. There are many reasons for this growth, including the fact that packaging is an essential component of our day-to-day lives.

Jobs in packaging are now some of the most sought-after careers. There are an estimated 20 million packaging professionals in the United States alone, and their numbers are growing rapidly. Packaging has become more than just a container; it’s now an integral part of how companies and brands communicate with their customers.

Packaging professionals work in fields as diverse as manufacturing, logistics, marketing, retailing, etc. If you are looking to find the best people to fill these roles, you might want to reach out to Spark Packaging, providing recruitment services for the packaging industry nationwide, including Detroit, MI.

To learn more about the five hottest careers in the field of packaging, keep reading!

Packaging Designer

The packaging designer is a vital member of the design team. They are responsible for developing concepts and finalizing designs to meet customer demands, brand guidelines, regulatory requirements, and other specifications. Packaging designers also work with suppliers to create cost-effective packaging designs that will be suitable for production needs.

Packaging Buyer

This role manages quotes from different vendors and makes strong arguments for why one supplier outperforms another. They are also responsible for developing specifications that are consistent with a company’s manufacturing needs.

They work in tandem with the supply chain, such as distributors and manufacturing colleagues. These professionals are often in charge of negotiating prices or terms on behalf of their organization.

Packaging Engineer

A packaging engineer uses chemical, industrial, and materials engineering knowledge to create boxes, cartons, bottles, and other packing materials for products. They are responsible for developing packaging that meets the needs of producers and consumers and follows regulations on safe food handling. In addition, packaging engineers develop packages that can withstand rough shipping conditions and fulfill store shelf-life requirements.

Packaging Quality Control Specialist

A quality control specialist checks various aspects of packaging, such as resilience of the packaging adhesive in a refrigerated environment, packaging material resistance to moisture, packaging seals, etc. A quality control specialist is integral in the packaging process because they ensure that everything comes out looking suitable for both the customer and the manufacturer. In addition, they inspect packaging materials at various stages during production line operations.

Packaging Specialist

Packaging specialists are experts on packaging materials, adhesives, labels, and packaging technologies. They are in charge of making sure that the packaging is safe and appropriate for its contents. In addition, they are responsible for designing an arrangement or assembly, organizing components, preparing items for sale, and performing adjustments on the packaging machinery.

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